Amayui Castle Meister Translation Updated

The Amayui Castle Meister Interface Translation has been updated for Append 5 (Perfect Guidebook).

This is likely to be the last addition to the game.

Amayui Castle Meister - Interface Translation


ZAP presents:

Amayui Castle Meister
by Eushully

Interface Translation Patch v1.5
Released on 13th of January, 2018

Download Link

1.5 Changes:
Fixed $5$MI071 file.

1.4 Changes:
Added Append 5 text/images

1.3 Changes:
Updated changes from game patch 1.06
Added Append 4 text/images

1.2 Changes:
Updated changes from game patch 1.05
Added Append 3 text/images
Fixed HIT/LUK enemy stat in animated battle (it was swapped around)
Other small fixes

1.1 Changes:
Added translated chapter cards
Other small fixes

For the latest updates visit
Everything but dialog is translated to english.

Please take into account that text may be shortened because the game doesn't offer much space
for the english language.

If you have already started playing, you may notice that the titles of your units are not
translated even after applying the patch, this is because that information is stored
in your save file, when those units gain a new title, it should be translated.

Amayui Castle Meister
Patch 1.06 (topmost link

Append 1
Append 2 (publicly available
Append 3
Append 4
Append 5

The patch will work even if you don't have the Appends, however it is highly recommended that
you patch the game to 1.06 and if new patches come out, wait for us to update the
translation before you update the game.

First install base game, Append 1 (if you have it), patch 1.06, and then Appends 2-5 in that order.
Backup all BIN and AGF files in game folder prior to applying patch
Unzip files in patch archive into the game folder, overwriting as needed.

To roll back:
Delete all BIN and AGF files in game folder, then copy the files from the
backup folder back into the game folder.

Asmodean, SaintLouisX: Tools
Zoltanar, Sol, Raizu, airsblue: Translation
Sol: Image Editing
Zoltanar, Sol: Quality Control
Last Order, Osura, LutfiDS: Helping Hands

Thanks to Eushully for making great games

Amayui Castle Meister Interface Patch - Coming Soon

We have started completed translation on the interface for Amayui Castle Meister (VNDB).
You can find it here.

Ikusa Megami VERITA Interface Translation v1.01

Ikusa Megami VERITA Screeenshot 1

ZAP presents:

Ikusa Megami VERITA
By Eushully

Interface Translation Patch v1.01
May 15, 2017


Replaced original SO012.AGF file with translated one.

Download:   MediaFire

Everything except dialog and fishing instructions is translated to English.
The game takes place some time after Ikusa Megami ZERO and immediately before Ikusa Megami MEMORIA.
If you find any game-breaking bugs, leave a comment to let us know.


  • Due to extreme lack of space, character information and terminology may sound a little strange and may not have punctuation at the end of sentences.
  • Patch was made for game with Appends 1, 2 and 3 and 2.0 patch but should work for any combination.
  • If you are not running version 2.0, dont place SO018.AGF and place SO017-1.0.AGF instead of SO017.AGF and rename it SO017.AGF.
  • Some dialog choices are also translated, these are the files beginning with SC or SP.
  • The bar at the top of the window isn't translated but all those options are accessible via in-game menus.

How to Install:

  • After installing the base game, Append Disks 1-3 and/or 2.0 patch, backup all .AGF and .BIN files in the game's folder.
  • Unzip the contents of the interface patch to the game's folder.
  • That's it!


  • Asmodean & SaintLouisX: Tools
  • zoltanar, alinelrene, essenial: Translation
  • zoltanar, alinelrene: Image Editing
Ikusa Megami VERITA Screeenshot 1

Ikusa Megami ZERO Complete English Translation Version F1.2


nekoHen & ZAP Present:

戦女神ZERO (Ikusa Megami ZERO)
Battle Goddess Episode 0

Complete English Translation Patch Version F1.2 (2 August 2016)

Download Link (MediaFire)

Change Log:
1.2 Replaced SP047.BIN should fix a bug in a Silver Duke scene
1.1 Added CIMES.BIN (character biographies) which I forgot to add in previously

The dialog was translated by nekoHen so if you have any questions/comments
about that, I suggest you post them at the nekoHen thread.
Everything else and Append Dungeon dialog was by ZAP.

If you find any major bugs, feel free to post in the thread mentioned above
or send an e-mail to
Most recent version can always be found at
(However, there shouldn't be any more updates)

Ikusa Megami Zero
Append 1
Append 2/V2.00
V2.01 update
(in this order)

Backup any BIN/AGF files on the games folder (just in case)
Unpack all files to the games folder
(If you don't want translated dialog, don't copy the files starting with SC/SP and $1$SC/SP)
Enjoy! :)

Tools: Asmodean, SaintLouisX
Main Story Dialog & Terminology: ushoran
Extra Story Dialog: zoltanar, essenial
All Other Text: zoltanar, alinelrene, essenial
Image Editing: er0gamr, alinelrene, zoltanar
Feedback: nekoHen and Hongfire communities

And of course Eushully for making great games~

If you wish to complete the game fully (All routes and all items, etc) I suggest using this website, however, it is in japanese.

Kami no Rhapsody Interface Translation v1.10


nekoHen & ZAP present:

神のラプソディ (kami no rhapsody)
Rhapsody of God

Interface Translation Patch v1.10

                   MediaFire (53MB)

    -Everything but dialog and terminology is translated to english.

Translation Notes:
-Only Terminology not translated (besides dialog),
-this is because there is not enough space to translate it
-to english without cutting a lot of information.
-This patch is completed and will not have more updates

    Rhapsody of God
Append 1
1.01 Update
Append 2
(in this order)

    1.Backup any BIN files on the games folder (just in case)
    2.Unpack all files to the games folder
    3.Enjoy! :)

    Asmodean & SaintLouisX: Tools
zoltanar, alinelrene, essenial: Translation
er0gamr, alinelrene: Image Editing
    HongFire members: Feedback
Najizhimo: Game Save
Thanks to Eushully for making great games~