Frequently Asked Questions

Why only interface translation and not dialog as well?

Firstly, we are comfortable with playing the games with original dialog which can be translated on-the-go with external tools such as Visual Novel Reader and AGTH Textractor and Happy Reader, although depending on the person's level of Japanese, this might not be good enough.
Secondly, the dialog is often far more work than the interface and we do not have the time nor motivation to translate it.
Thirdly, we may not be able to translate dialog to a good enough standard with our current experience, interface patches don't require as much skill or time so they are not a problem.

Why only Eushully titles?

So far, all our translations were on Eushully titles because that's where we started and most of their games were untranslated, furthermore, the data from previous translations can speed up the translation of a new game by a lot since Eushully titles are mostly in the same universe and have a lot of common things in them.

Will you translate x game?

The criteria for us translating a game interface is simple:
Do we like the game?
Is it not too much work?
Are there no technical limitations?
Is it made by Eushully?
If a game meets that criteria then we will probably translate it.

How can I contact you?

You can send an e-mail to

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