Ikusa Megami 2 Partial Interface Patch

ZAP presents:

戦女神2 ~失われし記憶への鎮魂歌~
Ikusa Megami 2 ~Ushinawareshi Kioku e no Chinkonka~
(Battle Goddess 2, BG2)
by Eushully

Partial Interface Patch v1.0 (English)
Released on 24th of June, 2021
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This patch was created mostly with translations gathered during interface patches for other Eushully games, along with some BG2-specific changes, and image editing.
It is not a complete interface patch and many items/skills do not have translated names, but menus and most item/skill stat descriptions are translated.
Battle Goddess 2 (This patch was made for the "Cheap Edition", but may work for the original)

First install base game
Backup all BIN and AGF files in game folder prior to applying patch
Unzip files in patch archive into the game folder, overwriting as needed.
To roll back:
Delete all BIN and AGF files in game folder, then copy the files from the backup folder back into the game folder.

Asmodean, SaintLouisX, Zoltanar: Tools
Zoltanar: Translation, Image Editing
Thanks to Eushully for making great games for over 20 years now!


  1. Can anyone post the download link on google drive? Please, I can't find the game anywhere.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. cheap edition(releases 2007) actually is the latest version of this game because eu said it was made for windows vista
    it already ver1.03( latest patch) when you installed it while original( releases 2002) just 1.00 and need patched later to prevent some major bug
    zap made this interface for cheap edition, it's mean if you want to use it for original you need patched original to 1.03