Fuukan no Grasesta Interface Translation

ZAP presents:

Fuukan no Grasesta
by Eushully

Interface Translation Patch v0.6
Released on 4th of March, 2019


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Patch is still being worked on, this release has about 60% of all interface text translated.
Most skills, items, and map names are translated.
You'll have what you need to complete the first playthrough without much help.

Also contains a set of edited interface images posted by zzeerel on anime-sharing.
These are all the .AGF files.

Please take into account that text may be shortened because the game doesn't offer much space
for the english language.

Fuukan no Grasesta
Patch 1.03 (topmost link on Eushully's support site)

Append 1
Append 2

First install base game, Append 1 (if you have it), patch 1.03, and then Append 2 in that order.
Backup all BIN and AGF files in game folder prior to applying patch.
Unzip files in patch archive into the game folder, overwriting as needed.

To roll back:
Delete all BIN and AGF files in game folder, then copy the files from the
backup folder back into the game folder.

Asmodean, SaintLouisX, Zoltanar: Tools
Zoltanar, elfenfury: Translation
zzeerel: Image Editing

Thanks to Eushully for making great games


  1. Does anyone have the files for Append 2? I only have the first one.

  2. Hey i need your help.
    I downloaded the crack from http://www.anime-sharing.com but the whole crack is being deleted for the virus. Do you have a clean crack?

  3. Replies
    1. Huh, I just realised that his name as-per Eushully is Eutre Hyte, and that actually works with the katakana given (unlike some other names), so I may change it.

    2. "Yurisha"? Really? ユリーシャ can be perfectly romanized as "Eureshya", so I don't see what was the point of the change...

      There was no need to change "Dulphia" as well, since it's actually pronounced as "Dalphia". But since both work just fine, whatever.

  4. i cant seem to activate Eureshya worthless angel post event on chapter 4(2nd playthrough) no matter how many fail healing i do, is it a bug? i did it on my first play though.

    1. I got it once when her failed healing caused me to die, not sure if it was a coincidence though.

    2. restarted 3 time trying different mode, its seems the carryover mode mess up some event and it won't trigger some scene.

    3. It was quest event for her, just progress the main story but make sure train her to fail healing few times, if you do this there will be unlocked map, and you can acces the Angel ex story in the apend 1

    4. You just need to sleep for a few more times and progress some of the story. Her scenes will get triggered regardless of whether you're carrying over.

      Whenever events are not triggering, just try sleeping for at least 3 days to make sure there's nothing, and then progress with the story some more.

    5. restarted two time trying that with carryover, failed more than 20 healing, sleep alot still didnt triggered the event not sure whether mine is bugged using ver 1.03 too.

    6. Have you progressed more of the story? Her scene should come around the end of chapter 4 or beginning of chapter 5 if i'm not mistaken.

      Honestly, I didn't have any problem whatsoever in getting any of the heroines scenes and events with the carry over.

  5. is this patch translate Quest too?

    1. some quest descriptions are translated while some aren't. But Most quest title are translated and you can easily play the game.

  6. when app 02 event start?
    what else include in app 02?

  7. im new here, can anyone tell me where i can download the game? and the appends too please..

  8. Want to ask, when upgrade weapons till certain part, it effect sometimes increase or decrease. When choose to increase that effect, other weapons can't increase it effect. That increase only limit to 1 weapon, other weapons can't? I ask coz when i increase it effect (for example, judar gs from black eushully-chan place from trade demon stones. It have effect knock back +7, & increase it to knock back + 9) other weapons not gain same increase again after that.