Amayui Labyrinth Meister Interface Translation

ZAP presents:

Amayui Labyrinth Meister
by Eushully

Download (35Mb MediaFire)

Interface Translation Patch v1.03 (21st of November, 2021)

Things not covered by this patch: 
Main dialog (choices are translated)
Some parts of menu bar at the top (due to technical constraints, but in-game options are fully translated)

Amayui Labyrinth Meister
Official Patch 1.03 DL (Eushully)

  1. Install base game
  2. (Optional) Install Append 1
  3. Install Official Patch v1.03
  4. Backup all files of type BIN and AGF, and also AGERC.DLL (if present) in game folder prior to applying translation patch
  5. Unzip files in patch archive into the game folder, overwriting as needed

To roll back:
Delete all files of type BIN and AGF, and AGERC.DLL in game folder, then copy the files from the backup folder back into the game folder.

The patch will work even if you don't have the Append, however it is highly recommended that you patch the game to version 1.03.

If you already have the translation patch applied and a new official patch comes out, you should wait for us to update the translation patch before applying it.
You can then update your translation patch with the following steps.
  1. (If you took a backup earlier) Revert to the backup by deleting all BIN and AGF files, and also AGERC.DLL, then copying the files from the backup into the game folder
  2. Apply official patch from Eushully.
  3. (if you want to take a backup) Create a new backup by copying all files of type BIN and AGF, and also AGERC.DLL (if present) in game folder to another folder.
  4. Apply translation patch, overwriting as needed.
We will be supporting any future patches and/or Append discs released for the game.

If the game crashes upon launch, please check that you have Japanese language pack installed into your Windows, it installs fonts (Japanese Supplemental Fonts) that are required for the game to run.
Please take into account that text may be shortened (or in certain cases, parts removed) due to constraints in the interface elements, which were built for the Japanese language.
Skipping through text and looking at the history log may also seem slower than usual, you can try switching to MS Gothic font (MS ゴシック) to see if that fixes it, if you are already on that font, switch to a different one, then back to MS Gothic.
Asmodean, SaintLouisX, Zoltanar: Tools
Zoltanar, Depravity: Translation
Syuya, Danielson, Zoltanar: Image Editing
Eushully Crew Discord: Testing

Thanks to Eushully for making great content for many years now.
Please support them if you can by purchasing their goods online or in person.


  1. Thank you very much, you guys are awesome.

  2. Great and amazingly fast job

  3. Hey, my game's graphics look very choppy like it's not antialiasing properly.. I've never had this issue with any other Eushully game and it's really taking the fun out of it. Have you heard of this and do you know of a possible solution?

    1. Run the command (adjusting the game path before AGE.EXE) "E:\VNs\創刻のアテリアル\AGE.EXE /setting" on the explorer's search bar. You'll need to adjust the graphic settings on the windows that'll open.

      I've had a case once where going windows mode and then back to full screen would fix this as well.

    2. Hey Ophis, thx for your reply. That settings page is definitely what I was looking for. For now I've at least fixed video playback by changing it to software acceleration but the choppiness remains unfortunately.
      That fullscreen/windowed trick also sometimes works. But I haven't had consistent results. I'll try out some more things

  4. Hey, where I can download this game? On ryuugames not working and idk where I can download this...

  5. Now that version 1.03 is out, when you update it, what do I have to do? remove the BIN and AGF files from Patch 1.02 or do I just have to use version 1.03 and then Patch 1.03?

    1. When new official patches come out, you should wait for us to update the translation patch for it.
      When we release the updated translation patch, then you can install the official patch, and install the translation patch over it.
      To keep an un-translated version of the game, for backup purposes, you should revert to the backup you took before applying the interface patch, apply the new official patch, and then take a backup of that. Then, you can apply the updated interface patch.