Ikusa Megami ZERO Complete English Translation Version F1.2


nekoHen & ZAP Present:

戦女神ZERO (Ikusa Megami ZERO)
Battle Goddess Episode 0

Complete English Translation Patch Version F1.2 (2 August 2016)

Download Link (MediaFire)

Change Log:
1.2 Replaced SP047.BIN should fix a bug in a Silver Duke scene
1.1 Added CIMES.BIN (character biographies) which I forgot to add in previously

The dialog was translated by nekoHen so if you have any questions/comments
about that, I suggest you post them at the nekoHen thread.
Everything else and Append Dungeon dialog was by ZAP.

If you find any major bugs, feel free to post in the thread mentioned above
or send an e-mail to zapinterlations@gmail.com
Most recent version can always be found at www.zapinterlations.com
(However, there shouldn't be any more updates)

Ikusa Megami Zero
Append 1
Append 2/V2.00
V2.01 update
(in this order)

Backup any BIN/AGF files on the games folder (just in case)
Unpack all files to the games folder
(If you don't want translated dialog, don't copy the files starting with SC/SP and $1$SC/SP)
Enjoy! :)

Tools: Asmodean, SaintLouisX
Main Story Dialog & Terminology: ushoran
Extra Story Dialog: zoltanar, essenial
All Other Text: zoltanar, alinelrene, essenial
Image Editing: er0gamr, alinelrene, zoltanar
Feedback: nekoHen and Hongfire communities

And of course Eushully for making great games~

If you wish to complete the game fully (All routes and all items, etc) I suggest using this website, however, it is in japanese.

Kami no Rhapsody Interface Translation v1.10


Rhapsody Translations has released a complete translation patch for this game which includes dialog, you can get it at here:
Rhapsody Translations Complete Translation Patch (including dialog)

nekoHen & ZAP present:

神のラプソディ (kami no rhapsody)
Rhapsody of God

Interface Translation Patch v1.10

                   MediaFire (53MB)

    -Everything but dialog and terminology is translated to english.

Translation Notes:
-Only Terminology not translated (besides dialog),
-this is because there is not enough space to translate it
-to english without cutting a lot of information.
-This patch is completed and will not have more updates

    Rhapsody of God
Append 1
1.01 Update
Append 2
(in this order)

    1.Backup any BIN files on the games folder (just in case)
    2.Unpack all files to the games folder
    3.Enjoy! :)

    Asmodean & SaintLouisX: Tools
zoltanar, alinelrene, essenial: Translation
er0gamr, alinelrene: Image Editing
    HongFire members: Feedback
Najizhimo: Game Save
Thanks to Eushully for making great games~