Amayui Castle Meister Complete Translation Patch



ZAP and Depravity present:

Amayui Castle Meister
by Eushully

ZAP Interface Patch
Depravity's Complete Patch (Direct Link) (Discord)

ZAP Interface Translation Patch v1.5 (13th of January, 2018)
Depravity's Complete Patch (28th of May, 2021)

Depravity has completed his revised translation patch which includes fixes and changes for interface translation as well, you can get the complete patch in the link above and can skip the ZAP patch as it is included.

There's a lot of misinformation being spread regarding the Amayui translation patches.
We (ZAP) released an interface patch in 2018. We had also started a project to translate the dialog after this. This project was abandoned by its two translators (none of which were Depravity), this was the project that was left at 73% (this number excluded Appends and H-scenes) and without TLC, it had very poor readability, on top of being incomplete, and I have removed it from the site.
Whilst the ZAP Amayui dialog project was underway, driven by the slow progress of the ZAP dialog patch, Depravity started working on a dialog patch himself, he has used a combination of tools, such as Kanji dictionaries, and machine translation, to translate the dialog, along with his own grasp of the Japanese language.
You may wish to call it 'Edited Machine Translation' but understand that this is not simply the work of 'deciphering' machine translation output into something grammatically correct.
This is the patch linked as Depravity's Dialog Patch.
ZAP and Depravity did not work together, but the patches can be combined to get a complete translation.
You can also just get Depravity's Complete patch now which includes revisions of the ZAP interface patch.

If the game crashes upon launch, please check that you have Japanese language pack installed into your Windows, it installs fonts (Japanese Supplemental Fonts) that are required for the game to run.
Please take into account that text may be shortened because the game doesn't offer much space
for the English language, or in cases, the text is too long to show in the window but can be seen in the text log.
Skipping through text and looking at the history log may also seem slower than usual, you can try switching to MS Gothic font (MS ゴシック) to see if that fixes it, if you are already on that font, switch to a different one, then back to MS Gothic.
Amayui Castle Meister
Patch 1.07 (top-most link

Append 1
Append 2 (publicly available
Append 3
Append 4
Append 5

The patch will work even if you don't have the Appends, however it is highly recommended that
you patch the game to version 1.07.

Installation Steps (must be done in this order):
  1. Install Base game,
  2. Install Append 1 (if you have it),
  3. Install official Eushully patch 1.07,
  4. Install Appends 2-5 (if you have any),
  5. Backup all files of type BIN and AGF in game folder prior to applying translation patches,
  6. Unzip files from Interface Patch archive into the game folder, overwriting as needed,
  7. Unzip files from Depravity's Complete Patch archive into the game folder, overwriting as needed.
To roll back:
Delete all files of type BIN and AGF in game folder, then copy the files from the
backup folder back into the game folder.

Interface Credits:
Asmodean, SaintLouisX, Zoltanar: Tools
Zoltanar, Sol, Raizu, airsblue: Interface Translation
Sol: Image Editing
Zoltanar, Sol: Quality Control
Last Order, Osura, LutfiDS: Helping Hands

Dialog Credits:
Depravity: Translation
Discord Community: Bug reports.

Thanks to Eushully for making great games

I've removed the older updates as people were misunderstanding them.