Amayui Castle Meister Interface + Incomplete Dialog Translation Patch



ZAP presents:

Amayui Castle Meister
by Eushully

Interface Patch
Dialog Patch (v3 Incomplete)
Link to Depravity's Patch instead (Everything translated except sex scenes) (Direct Link)

Dialog Translation Patch v3 Incomplete (5th of March, 2021)
Has 73% of all dialog translated in Base Game + Append 1, only 3% TLC'd.
Sex scenes are not translated.

Dialog Translation Patch Pre-release 2 (5th of December, 2019)
Has about 63% of all dialog translated, most of it is not TLC'd (checked for quality, etc)

Dialog Translation Patch v1.0.1 (Prologue) (22nd of May 2018)
Minor fixes to "Return to menu" text, etc.

v1.0 (17th of May, 2018)
Initial prologue patch.

Interface Translation Patch v1.5 (13th of January, 2018)

For the latest updates visit
Dialog for prologue is translated to english.
Everything else is translated to english.

Please take into account that text may be shortened because the game doesn't offer much space
for the English language, or in cases, the text is too long to show in the window but can be seen in the text log.
Skipping through text and looking at the history log may also seem slower than usual, you can try switching to MS Gothic font (MS ゴシック) to see if that fixes it, if you are already on that font, switch to a different one, then back to MS Gothic.

Amayui Castle Meister
Patch 1.06 (topmost link

Append 1
Append 2 (publicly available
Append 3
Append 4
Append 5

The patch will work even if you don't have the Appends, however it is highly recommended that
you patch the game to 1.06/1.07 and if new patches come out, wait for us to update the
translation before you update the game.

First install base game, Append 1 (if you have it), patch 1.06, and then Appends 2-5 in that order.
Backup all BIN and AGF files in game folder prior to applying patch
Unzip files from patch archives into the game folder, overwriting as needed.
Apply interface patch before dialog patch. (or just the one you wish to use)
To roll back:
Delete all BIN and AGF files in game folder, then copy the files from the
backup folder back into the game folder.

Asmodean, SaintLouisX, Zoltanar: Tools
Raizu, airsblue, Yuuko Shionji: Dialog Translation
Yuuko Shionji: Dialog TLC
Zoltanar, Sol, Raizu, airsblue: Interface Translation
Sol: Image Editing
Zoltanar, Sol: Quality Control
Last Order, Osura, LutfiDS: Helping Hands

Thanks to Eushully for making great games

18th October 2018 Update:
We are around 69% of the way through Chapter 1 Translation.

14th February 2019 Update:
We have translated about 50% of all dialog, unfortunately we have no TLC's but will accept anyone who wants to help with that (proof-reading).

5th December 2019 Update:
Released a patch with around 63% of all dialog translated, most of it is not TLC'd and you may prefer to wait for a better quality release.

14th May 2020 Update:
We have translated about 74% of all dialog, TLC progress has not changed but it seems the quality on recently translated dialog is much better than what was already done before (especially earlier dialog). We have had different translators over time which probably explains this difference in quality.
Our principal translator at this time is Raizu.
Hopefully this update will stop the "is this dead" comments for a while 🤣.
Also, please remember that this is a hobby project that people work on during their spare time. They have no obligations to do this and don't receive any (material) rewards in doing so.

5th March 2021 Update:
There has been no progress since the last update and thus I am declaring this project dead.
There is little communication from the dialog translators and I will not be pursuing them any longer.
As mentioned before, this was just a hobby project and I do not know or need to know why progress has stopped, but we've all had a rough time since the Covid-19 Pandemic started.

I have created a patch with the work done so far, which you may use if you want but it is not complete and the parts that are translated have not been checked for quality and thus are at times very rough.
As before, you can install it separately to the interface patch.
I've created a new post for this and removed the previous one to clear the previous comments and so people can be aware.
I've also added a link to Depravity's patch which should have everything translated except sex scenes and may offer better quality.